The harsh truth.

I’m fat. I’m not obese or anything like that, but I’m much larger than I was last year and much fatter than I should be.




The pictures you see above are pictures of the belly I’ve been carrying around for the better part of six months. Shocked? You shouldn’t be, because I’m not. I’ve been using every excuse in the book to help “explain” why I’ve been skipping going out for runs, riding the trainer, swimming, and strength training. It’s too cold, I’m tired, I’ll go tomorrow, it’s raining, I woke up late, work ran a bit late, we are traveling, it’s the holidays, and on, and on, and on.

The truth? I’m LAZY. Honestly. At the end of the day, I make every excuse I can to not exercise just so I can sit on my ass and watch TV. To top or off, my diet isn’t stellar either. All during the week I will eat healthy, not go out, and by Wednesday I will start having great workouts, but come Friday, I get LAZY again, and then a pizza is ordered. Now don’t get me wrong, pizza isn’t terrible for you as long as you eat it in moderation. I’m not doing that. I eat 4-5 slices without even thinking. Next thing I know, I’m craving more pizza or some other greasy, delicious, bad-for-you food and I think, well, I ran a few extra miles, I can eat an entire cheesesteak with fries and a soda because that all evens out, right?

Now I’ve eaten like shit for Friday-Sunday, most likely did some boozing on Saturday, and now on Monday I just can’t figure out why I feel like crap and my run or whatever is terrible. Hmmmmm, I wonder….

Look, I know what is wrong and I know what I need to do to fix it. I need to stop eating shitty and drinking on the weekends, I need to man up and stop skipping workouts. Those two adjustments will fix the protruding gut you see above.

So I’m writing this and posting these embarrassing pictures in an attempt to hold myself accountable for my actions. It’s time I get serious with what I want to accomplish this and next year. And it’s time I do something about it.

I do think I know why the excuses started. My thinking changed when I was training for the marathon last year. I started to think of running as something I HAD to do instead of as something I GET to do. I need to change my way of thinking and realize that running is a gift. It’s my play time. It’s the only time of the day when I don’t have to think about work or the wedding or the house or what I need to do that day or the next. It’s my escape, and I truly love to do it. Everything I do, swim, run, ride the bike, I should cherish, because I may not be able to do it tomorrow.

Lets hope this helps.

By Terry Decker Posted in running

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