Week of December 1

This week started out with a tour of Maryland’s finest counties, Talbot, Queen Anne’s, Garrett and finished off with Prince George’s county. Throw in an eight hour deposition on Wednesday, and I can see why I was exhausted in the early part of this week. Traveling that much by car is pretty draining. Especially when it means I have to be up early to leave in the morning and travel an hour or two (or three in the case of Garrett County).

Keeping motivation going after a holiday is always difficult, but throw in travel and early morning commutes, and its a recipe for excuses for skipping runs. But, come friday, I finally got out the door.

This weekend was going to be a bit busy, started with a chill 11.5 miler through Patapsco State Park with Ryan, Brennan, and Terrence. After a quick bite at the clubhouse (THB) it was time for the dog park then a wonderful trip to White Marsh (ugh, I hate shopping).

But, before that, we had to take the yearly trip to visit Santa Clause. Layla is and always has been afraid of Santa, and clearly this year, she is still afraid.



Molly had a class, so I snuck in some down time before the City Glow Run.

So, the City Glow Run was set up by the November Project. The November Project is a “FREE fitness movement that was born in Boston as a way to stay in shape during cold New England months. Now present in multiple cities in across four time zones in North America, the movement is using a simple sense of accountability (verbal) to motivate and encourage people of all ages, shapes, sizes and fitness levels to get out of their beds and get moving.” This is taken from their website, and it holds pretty true. I’ve been twice before and it seemed like a good way to shake things up.

So, after annoying Molly, she finally gave in and decided to come along with me. I also recruited Ryan and Brennan, and it helped that Brennan’s friend Sarah was going as well, so we had a little group ready to run.

First, let me describe what this actually was. It was set up to be a 3.5 mile run around the city, starting from Rash Field, then after 4 workouts spread through tout he city, finishing at Lululemon. But the kicker was that we were supposed to GLOW, and after picking up glow sticks from 5 below, we grabbed the dog, threw some glow sticks around the dog’s collar, and headed to Rash Field.

So after meeting with Ryan, Brennan, and Sarah, we started bouncing, and rallying, then we all took off. I’m guessing there were 100-120 people out there will us in the cold and rain, just enjoying bringing some fun to baltimore city. We eventually got to the end which finished at Lululemon with beers, chips, salsa, and donuts.


It was pretty fun and I’m glad everyone came with me and Molly. So, the next day we went to go get our Christmas tree, with a little help from the dog.



Even though I didn’t get a chance to run today, it was still a great end to a great week. Now, next week’s goals are to run 50 miles, strength train three times, and swim three times. Lets see how it goes.

By Terry Decker Posted in running

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